UV Pex Pipe

What is Anti-UV Pex pipe?

Now one UV Pex pipe can do so much more.

One Pex pipe , one Pex crimper , same Pex fittings and more applications.

 UV Silane crosslinked polyethylene with added UV to a Pex pipe is a new product developed for the outdoors.

The obvious advantages of Pex pipe i.e. Green product, Corrosion resistance; Long service life, Easy installation etc.  And adding of UV to the pipe now adds special supremacy in using this type of pipe.

Adding an Anti-Aging Carbon Black Layer can Anti ultraviolet rays from the sunshine, extending the service life of the pipe while installed outdoors.

Because of its UV abilities, it is now more suitable for being installed outdoors. Far more additional installation applications can now be used. Solar facilities system, Hot and cold water system, Central air-conditioning system, Agriculture and irrigation system, different gases etc. system and so on.

UV radiation is not damaging to carbon black, and carbon black’s presence slows or prevents the destructiveness of material it is covered with.

Carbon black is the most effective and commonly used light absorbers.

Carbon black in the industries is the most used of the purposes of the anti-UV aging. Carbon black has the highest light absorption, which can effectively prevent degradation by sunlight irradiation.

The role that carbon black plays in the ultraviolet light stabilizers are: the conversion of light energy into heat energy; the protection of the surfaces from a certain wavelength ray irradiation; to produce anti-aging effects, thereby preventing the catalytic degradation. 

This UV Pex pipe offers 10 Bar operational pressure for Hot water and 18 Bar operational pressure for other applications.

Pex pipe also offer much better spray performance in spray booths. Pex pipe has much less drag inside the pipe than steel or copper pipes adding to a much higher performance. 





















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