This is a typical operational example of G1 Gas AMR set-up.

     This meter and AMR hardware is linked and operational on the Natural Gas network in Johannesburg.   

     This remote data is now published on a web platform for manipulation by the owner.

     The data can be accessed any time and anywhere and is always available.            

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Benefits of AMR

Automatic Meter Reading, AMR is a power measuring equipment. It is used to measure water, gas and electricity consumption and has many advantages as compared to the traditional meter. For starters, users enjoy safety not to mention they are easy to understand and allow better data analysis.

1. Increased convenience
AMR typically offer consumers increased privacy because meter readers no longer have to visit your home once-a-month; nonetheless, an occasional appointment may be necessary for maintenance purposes. In simple terms, AMR offers more convenience than traditional meters.

2. Data accuracy

With AMR, consumers enjoy increased accuracy and you are assured your charge for electricity usage is accurate. Increased accuracy is the only sure way to improve customer service. Additionally, automatic meter reading eliminates errors that are inevitable on traditional meters.

3. Reduces operation costs
Automatic meter reading gives you real-time access to meter reading that is available on demand. This makes it easier to handle customer complaints. On the other hand, readings are done faster and since manual meter reading is eliminated, operational costs are reduced as well.

4. Improves management
Another benefit of an AMR device is the fact that billing is done on monthly consumption. This is a good way to generate a balanced cash flow. In addition to that, you never have to worry about estimated bills anymore.

5. Better customer service
With accurate billing consumers no longer have to pay their monthly bills on estimates. Demanded readings are done to improve customer service. Automatic meter reading can quickly react to abnormal situations. With AMR, customer complaints are minimal since billing is done accurately depending on monthly consumption. Meter data can only be used for billing and is not reliable when it comes to real-time data analysis, pinpointing losses, energy losses, and so forth. Additionally, installation of an AMR device is more costly than that of traditional meters.

Pre-Paid gas SMART meter with AMI.

G1 Gas now offer to the South African market a Pre-paid Gas meter with valve control and smart instructions via GPRS. With a service to load credits remotely to a gas meter. Every gas supplier will now have money in the bank before gas usage takes place.

With AMR functionality the gas supplier and the user could use the same system to agree to gas usage.

The gas user/restaurant/house/flat/bakery etc, can also log onto the web to view the gas usage. With this data close at hand one can fully utilize the AMR function.

6 cubic meter per hour of gas usage is the specification.

The AMR service and management put one in charge of your gas usage and make it visible. 

Electronic registry will ensure accurate gas readings and no old PULSE technology is used.


AMI Advanced metering infrastructure ( AMI )

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) is an architecture for automated, two-way communication between a smart utility meter with an IP address and a utility company. The goal of an AMI is to provide utility companies with real-time data about energy consumption and allow customers to make informed choices about energy.


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