Calculate LPG for billing correctness.

This is probably one of the most daring and controversial procedures to do.

G1 Distribution has spent vast amount of time consulting globally and locally to find the most accurate method and methodology to calculate and convert LPG gas vapor from cubic meter m3 to Kg used by residential and commercial users.     

The nature of LPG has prompt G1 Distribution to offer the Intellectual Property that we have gathered and offer this to the market as a retaining service. 

The LPG conversion/calculation and the offering of the factor to use for the calculation is ONE or perhaps the MOST important piece of foundation to ensure a successful billing bulk LPG service.

G1 Distribution LPG gas conversion service is based on a monthly retainer fee. Due to the multiple changes in LPG it is extremely important to have a service like this at your fingertips.The multiple changes that you have to do to obtain the correct conversion figures are extremely important for the OHA.

The retainer service offers the most value to you as a client. We can at any time offer you the most correct values of LPG. G1 Distribution can on your account and permission engage with the bulk supplier to ensure the correct and needed information is obtained for the most accurate calculations.     

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