Most cost effective, in other words, CHEAPEST gas hobs available. The catch? No catch! The best quality you will find in South Africa at this price. Selling these hobs for over 7 years in South Africa.

G1 Distribution offers our 4 gas hobs at a very competitive price to the public. The gas hobs are al manufactured using high quality materials. Using a battery ignition means NO electrical connection saving money for your gas hob.

G1 Distribution now offering these hobs into Mozambique, Zambia, and the rest of Southern Africa.

G1 have selected a range of gas hobs in four plate glass and stainless steel that offers high quality to the South African market at a very competitive price.

We also offer a five plate gas hob in glass. Our glass hobs are manufactured from 8 mm tempered dark glass. The only glass hobs in South Africa that have this thickness of glass. All other glass products have thinner glass tops.



4 Plate Tempered Glass

590 x 510mm Overall

555 x 475 Cut Outs

Battery Ignition

R 2 977.00 incl vat



4 Plate Stainless Steel

590 x 510mm Overall

555 x 475 Cut Outs

Battery Ignition 

R 2 977.00 incl Vat






Installation of gas hobs are done all over Centurion. More gas installations are also done in the Pretoria region. Gas Installations are also done in the Midrand area, of these hobs. These gas hobs are installed all-over South Africa as well. Installations are quite quick, and no electricity is need. Fittings and pipe are supplied to do these gas installations. We also offer additional materials for gas installations.

We invite you to come and have a look at these hobs.   

These hobs can be installed and carry a full safety certificate. With all the necessary safety options make an installation certified and will carry a full COC.

G1 Gas hobs' burners utilize the latest design in burner technology. These burners deliver a high amount of heat and rapid burning architectures saving more gas.

All these hobs are certified according to SANS ensuring the highest level of safety.

The battery ignition also ensures a higher safety level when ESKOM power goes down.

No need for lighters or matches to ignite the gas to cook. The hob will work as normal even with no 220 Volt.

As known the hob is battery driven so no electrical connection needed.

With the newest price hike from ESKOM it is clear that gas is now less expensive than electrical driven appliances.

Control over heat when cooking with gas offers an absolute pleasure.

Turning a knob open or close offers an instant control over heat.  You can have low heat or go up to max in an instant. This gives full control over cooking. 

We also cut down on installations costs due to the fact that we have battery ignition to the hobs. You do not need need an electrician to install and the expense of an electrical COC - saving you costs.

We carry a 1 year warranty on the hobs and spare parts are available on all ranges.


LPG and Natural Gas is cleaner
More reliable source of heat
Much more efficient - up to 96% more than coal driven electricity
More economical for cooking and hot water
BIG Bucks saver


And yes ESKOM also support the fact in cooking with GAS or moving over to gas.

The longer you wait to move over to gas the less you will save over time.

The time to move over to a G1 Gas hob is now. Take advantage of the great pricing we have on our gas hobs.

Using alternative fuel sources for cooking such as Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG), you can help reduce the national electrical load. If all electrical stoves are started up at almost the same time a huge amount of electricity is needed to drive this need. Using G1 Gas LPG or Natural Gas stoves will help to minimize this problem. 


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