G1 Distribution offer Gas Manifolds that offer operational and standby gas cylinders. Our Gas manifolds are designed offer multiple choices of gas cylinder supply. The gas manifolds can be used for smaller house supply , restaurants or even residential supply.  

Vapour Gas manifolds in Stainless Steel and Steel in configuration of  2 on, 3 on 4 on and 5 on is now on offer from G1 Distribution.

We offer these vapour gas manifold configurations in Stainless Steel and Steel.

Pressure testing is in accordance of SANS 10087.

The material is in accordance to SANS 10087, seamless pipe in both steel and stainless steel.

The construction of the manifolds is in accordance of the SANS 10087 and SANS 199.

Isolation valves is in accordance of the SANS regulations and fittings.

NO substandard valves are used and welding is done by highly qualified engineers.

Threading is done precisely by CNC auto calibrated machinery and sockets are cut by CNC to fit the OD of the pipe precisely delivering the highest quality of welding.

The Stainless Steel pipe and Steel pipes are covered with special mixed paint material for outside conditions.

These manifolds are from the highest quality and build with qualified engineering knowledge.    

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