The elegant aesthetics of Ariston GAS water heaters are designed in collaboration with Italian designers, for an attention to detail that must be exhibited. The selection of materials is the basis of the beauty and essence.


Stable water temperature

Optimal retrun temperature

Low energy losses in retrun pipes

High energy efficiancy of heat source

The high efficiancy that the ARISTON offers make this Gas geyser a top International Brand one can invest in.

The ARISTON Gas geyser is only one of the top heat sources one can select out of the ARISTON familay.

With an International footprint you can arrest assured of the quality of the ARISTON Gas geyser product.  


  • Continuous flame modulation via the NTC sensor located at the heater exchanger outlet (maximum temperature stability)
  • Minimum operating pressure of 0.1 bar
  • Also operates with a minimum water flow rate of 2 l/min
  • Water flow switch present
  • Electronic flame detection
  • Indoor installation











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